BRAVO Phattalung Shirt

Never own a sublimation jersey yet? 
Now it is the time to have one!!!!
*ALL OF THE PROFIT WE GOT FOR THIS SHIRT GONNA BE DONATED FOR CHARITY*, yes you read that right, all of it   *A bombastic unisex design*  *Comfy to wear*
 *Suitable for any activity*  *Donating for charity*

The good news is, its the cheapest sublimation shirt in University Malaya and it’s only cost *RM 35* *RM 35* 
And it is exclusive for all.

 Long sleeves? 

Only add RM 5 and its yours! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and give hope to humanity. 
Pre order is opened from now *13 Dec till 16 Dec 2017*

Material : Microfiber 
Size : XS – XXXL

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